A leaking air conditioner can be very frustrating. The messy puddles are more than just a nuisance. They indicate that something is wrong with your AC and needs repair. The moment you notice that your AC is leaking water, you should immediately turn it off. If you continue to use the AC when it leaks water, it can cause a complete breakdown due to water damage. It is necessary to call your HVAC technician to fix the leak immediately. While it is not a reason to panic, timely repairs are necessary to prevent further damage. Here are some possible reasons why your AC is leaking water:  

Clogged condensate line 

The condensate line collects and transports condensation from warm air in contact with cold objects or surfaces within the air conditioning system. It removes excess moisture from the air and keeps the indoor environment comfortable. When the condensate line becomes clogged, it can cause the AC to leak water. During the dehumidification process, the moisture collected by the AC also contains dirt and debris. Over time, this can cause the condensate line to become clogged, and water will begin collecting in the unit and then spilling out of the drain pan. You can check the drain line and if it is clogged, just take a long wire brush to scrub the line clean and remove the debris.  

Dirty air filters 

One of the reasons why your AC leaks water is the dirty air filters, they can block the airflow and make it difficult for the air to reach the evaporator coil. The coil turns cold until it freezes. When it melts, it produces a lot of water, which then begins to leak from your unit. Replacing your air filters can fix this problem.  

Incorrect installation 

If your newly installed AC leaks water, it could be due to incorrect installation. When the AC and drain pipes are not properly aligned, the water flow from the drain pan will be disrupted, which can cause the unit to leak water. Ensure that your air conditioning unit sits on a flat surface. If the surface is uneven, you can use an AC pad.  

Low refrigerant levels 

When the refrigerant levels become low, the pressure inside the AC also gets lower. This can cause the evaporator coil to freeze and then melt to create a messy puddle. If your AC leaks water and is not cooling as it should, it is likely due to low refrigerant levels. Call your HVAC technician to refill the refrigerant. 

Damaged drain pan 

Over time, the drain pan may get damaged or rusted because of prolonged exposure to water. ACs over ten years or older can damage the drain pan from normal wear and tear. When this happens, it can cause condensate to leak instead of flowing into the drain line and then outside.  

Old and damaged pipes 

Over the years, the coat of the AC pipe can get damaged and cause leakage. The problem can be easily solved by simply getting a new cover for the pipes. 

Broken condensate pump 

If your air conditioning unit is placed in your basement or a similar location, it might be difficult for water to flow out of the drain line. In this case, the condensate pump works to remove water from the system. As the water level in the pump reservoir increases, the float switch is turned on, which triggers the pump to drain water outside the home. When the condensate pump or float switch is not functioning properly, it will not pump water outside. This will cause water to leak from the AC unit.  

If your AC leaks water and is not working as it should, call us now to schedule a visit. 

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