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Top-Quality Customer Service you can Trust

“Really great job and very imrpessed. We’ll definitely use them again!” – Craig O

But don’t just take our word for it, or Craig’s.

Here’s what local Windermere customers say most about our A/C repair services in Google reviews:

  • Responsive
  • Quality
  • Punctual
  • Honest
  • Clean

Read more complete reviews by searching for “Polar Express A/C and Heating LLC in Google, or click:  Read Reviews.

These are values we know you expect, and we do too.

We believe in providing the best customer service – like the “good old days”.

As our reviews will testify, our A/C technicians are “artisans at their jobs”.  They genuinely care about their work. So when you have no heating, cooling or some other problem, you know you can count on them.


Air Conditioning Repair

In Lake Butler, as the rest of Orlando, you need reliable air conditioning in the summer. 

And when you have problems, you expect a reliable A/C repair company that can fix the problem fast, and correct.

As our Google reviews testify, our technicians are masters at their work.  Their vans are well stocked, and they can quickly and accurately assess a wide range of A/C faults. 


So if you’re experiencing no cooling, a leak, blockage, or inadequate cooling, don’t delay.


Polar Express can provide same-day repairs and service with the  good old-fashioned workmanship and customer service we are known for.

  • Well-stocked repair vehicles with tools and equipment to assess most A/C faults.
  • Trained and certified technicians
  • Flexible service appointments 
  • Fast response

But don’t just take our word for it.. See what other Lake Butler residents have to say about us.


AC Installation

You know, we know. In the summer, it gets pretty warm without air conditioning.  Unbearably so.  

That’s why you need and expect an air conditioning unit that you can rely on.

Our technicians believe in quality materials and equipment that is trusted and built to last.


We will recommend the most suitable A/C systems and equipment for your home or business, based on your needs and budget.

Systems that we, and our customers have tried, tested and relied upon for years and decades.


Our technicians don’t rush you.  It’s worth the extra time to prevent future faults, and maintain your cooling comfort for longer.  That’s what we, and our customers believe.


Get it done properly, get it done right.

With our company wide ethos of “customer service and workmanship from the good old days”. You can expect trained and certified contractors with the expertise, patience, and best equipment to get the job done right.

Read customer reviews, discover special offers and find out all the specific services we offer.

Read more about our A/C installation services.

Trained and Certified Technicians

AC installation Conway FL
AC repair Conway FL
  • HVAC-R certified technicians
  • Goodman Comfort Net and variable speed trained and certified
  • Carried/Trane/Goodman VRF and VRV trained
  • EPA universal certified
  • NATE HVAC service and installation certified

Polar Express In Lake Butler

Our service techs have completed dozens of jobs in the Lake Butler area, predominantly Windermere and are pleased to be able to call many of these customers repeat customers.

If you need A/C repair, or installation services one of our master technicians is never far away.

We always enjoy traveling between the beautiful lakes that make up the unincorporated area.


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Jobs Completed in Lake Butler FL

And What Customers Say About Us:

Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air in Heat Mode

Jan 22

Customer called saying that his heat pump was blowing cold air in heat mode.  It seemed the issue was intermittent after some diagnosis.  The customer had been double-filtering the vents and after further diagnosis it was found that there were shorts in the wiring from the thermostat.  The wiring and a new solenoid was replaced and the heating and cooling returned to normal.

No Cooling | Customer Left Satisfied

Aug - Sept 21

Our tech found a blown motor, which was replaced.  After still no cooling some time later a faulty starter was found, which was replaced.  The customer was left satisfied until the starter cap failed a month later.  This was replaced free of charge and the customer was left happy.

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