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The customer on Grand Canal Drive, Poinciana walled asking for maintenance on his split system. At the time it was also not cooling.

Upon inspection it was found that the compressor was derating due to the freeze stat reading below 45 degrees. The possible causes were determined to be either:

  • Dirty coil
  • Restriction of airflow
  • Low on charge
  • Faulty freeze stat

Joe, one of our A/C technicians returned with the view to recover refrigerant to determine if it was low on charge, clean the evaporator coil and test the freeze stat.

Client decline test and balance of refrigerant today $359 if coil clean doesn’t help cooling issue he will call us to recover and balance refrigerant charge.

Upon arriving at the property the client declined to test and balance the refrigerant, and go for the cheaper coil clean. If the coil clean didn’t help with cooling then he would call again to schedule the test and balance.

Problems with your split system in Poinciana FL or the rest of the Orlando area? You can call on the 5 star rated A/C technicians at Polar Express A/C and Heating.

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