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Customer on Bramlea Lane called for a maintenance check following recommendation from a home inspection.

The customer was looking to sell their home. The inspector mentioned a large split between the temperature in the plenum and the temperature coming out of the vents.

During the inspection it was found the upstairs unit was not cooling well. Our tech performed a diagnostic and found the system was low on refrigerant. He noticed oil stains by the condenser. After performing an electronic leak detection there was no leak source found. The client approved a dye leak search.

A couple of days later our technician returned to the Windermere property and checked for the source of any leak with a black lights and UV glasses. Still no source of leak was found.

The shredder core by the reversing valve was getting pressed down slightly with a plastic cap. Our tech replaced this with a brass cap and retested the system. Still no leaks were found.

The refrigerant was recharged and the unit was cooling well when we left the property.

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