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Titan Solar Power on Armstrong Boulevard Kissimmee needed their old duct system replaced in September 2021. The old ducts were not working, laying on the floor and sweating everywhere. The company called upon Polar Express to provide a quote. This included installing the new ducts from the ceiling, a 5 ton system.

The customer agreed to go ahead with the installation, and our technician started drawing up the new duct plans.

Customer call about water leak, I found water in supply plenum on both units however only 1 currently leaking. Reason for This is unit was previously flooded due to undersized duct and high static unit was sweating and it flooded the air handler, we need to dry air handler before connecting back our supply and return. Friday at 5pm after workers leave I’ll go over and open panels dry insulation and have client turn on heat for the weekend

Customer called about leaking

A week after the initial quote the customer called complaining of a possible leak in their old system.

Our A/C technician found water in the supply plenum on both units, with one leaking. The possible cause was determined to be flooding due to an undersized duct and high static unit sweating. The air andler which had been flooded was dried before being reconnected.

The new duct system was installed a few days later, once the heating on the old system had been switched back on.

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