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Customer on Buena Vista Drive called in early May 2022 requesting a walk through to discuss potential improvements to their vacation property in Beuna Vista.

He has 3 residential split, 1 package unit and 6 commercial split systems.

The client requested all systems serviced, pre-vacation season. Starting with the hottest area of the house, the dining room.

After an extensive diagnostic on the system and a leak search a leak was found in the evaporator coil. The system had run with no refrigerant which caused the compressor to burn out and failed electronically.

The compressor was shorted to ground, and the recommended action was for the client to have a new compressor and evaporator with a metering device, as well as fresh refrigerant.

It was also decided that a new air handler unit would be installed. A 10 ton Carrier AHU was ordered and the measurements taken to install. A crane was required to lift the unit up to the second floor through the house and into it’s new home.

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