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The customer called saying their heat pump wasn’t heating in heat mode. The customer was advised to try to run the heat pump in emergency heat until the tech could arrive.

When our tech arrived the pump was working. The customer had also said it was working a few days ago but blowing out cold air.

After an inspection our tech Joe found that the system was slightly overcharged; he removed some excess refrigerant.

It also became apparent that the customer had used two filters instead of one, and this could have been restricting airflow, and then causing a high-pressure cutout.

Return still no heating

The next day the customer called complaining of no heating still.

When he turned on the heat it was 65 but 45 minutes later it went down several degrees.

Our tech ordered a new solenoid thinking there may be a short in it intermittently.

The customer was advised if there were any further issues we would escalate with our field ops supervisor and the manufacturer, and will contact them to schedule the next plan of action.

During install of the new solenoid and wire for the return value our technician found that the thermostat wires going outdoors to the condenser had intermittent shorts. After replacing the wire and checking the pump in heat and cool mode our tech and the customer were satisfied the issue was resolved.

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