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System Running but Not Cooling | Fix & Review in St Cloud, Fl

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An existing St. Cloud, Fl customer called at the beginning of May 2022 stating that his upstairs system was running but there was no cooling.

The customer was aware the condenser for that system, and the entire upstairs system needed to be replaced. He was opting for a repair quote as a priority due to financial constraints. Their frustration with other contractors was that no one would provide him with an estimate.

After a good telephone conversation, our tech stated we could quote for a repair but would not recommend it over a changeout.

Upon visiting our technician Derick found a failed start kit that was wired wrong. No common wire on good capacitor. He jumped a wire on the capacitor and the condenser was running.

Our technician also found low r22 refrigerant pressures. After adding 16oz r22 refrigerant the system was cooling fine.

Overall the customer was left happy and satisfied. He even took the time to recommend us on Facebook.

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